About us

Wisza, s.r.o. is a management company, which operates since 2002. We offer our clients advisory and consulting services, which include the area of complex technical management of buildings as well as administrative management.

We also provide all the procedures related to facility management, property management and, last but not least, construction works. We focus on constructions and reconstructions of buildings, starting with small reconstruction works and concluding with larger constructions.


Construction works

3D modelling and project documentation

To make an effective use of a building, it is necessary to properly utilize the offered space. We use a 3D model of the building as a basis, which has its later use also in construction. The detection and subsequent reaction to requirements of an apartment user is therefore significantly simplified.

The digitalization is a process of a redraw of the project documentation of the object and subsequent measurement of the properties real state.

Facility management

effective management of buildings

Professional solution for the operation of building facilities.

Complex management of buildings and real estate.

WISZA, s.r.o. is a modern company that manages buildings in Bratislava region and, at the same time, provides all services associated with this service. Each client is treated individually, with regard to his requirements. The aim of providing services related to building management is to promote quality services and to build a modern, prospering management company.

Technical Building Administration

care of your building

We ensure a smooth operation of the building from the technical side. Operation and monitoring of technical equipment in the building, regular maintenance and repairs of technological equipment. We take care of execution of revisions. Simple way to report faults is through our Emergency dispatching.

A software for building management as well as the 3D models of the building help us with the above-mentioned actions.

Construction works

modern approach to construction

Our company works and projects in ArchiCAD software from GRAPHISOFT company. Thanks to this software, we can create 3D BIM models. This allows us to show the progress and the volume of construction at every stage of a construction, whether at the beginning or at the end. In practice, this means that our client has access to a visualization of the construction process, to the financial and material volume of the construction at all times. A high-quality BIM project reduces the unexpected costs throughout the whole construction process as well as after the completion.

We also provide a proof server to the client, with photos and construction diary from a construction supervisor. Thanks to this, the client is able to monitor the entire construction process.

Advisory and consulting services for clients

Realization / Gallery

A high-quality BIM project reduces the unexpected costs throughout the whole construction process as well as after completion.


our certificates


ertificate CEMAKS - Quality management


certificate - CENKROS 4 program


certificate – Building management and maintenance – Facility management


BIM - Building Information Modeling


trustworthy company

We provide all the procedures related to facility management, property management and, last but not least, construction works

Our team

contacts to team members

Ing. Richard Vilkus

managing director and owner

Phone: 0911 016 013

E-mail: office@wisza.sk

Mgr. Veronika Keszeliová

office manager

Phone: 0911 016 014

E-mail: keszeliova@wisza.sk

Ing. Zoran Marinčák

project manager

Phone: 0917 803 009

E-mail: marincak@wisza.sk

Ing. Roman Vilkus

executive manager

Phone: 0902 118 893

E-mail: roman.vilkus@wisza.sk

Ing. Jakub Pohl

project manager

Phone: 0905 601 547

E-mail: pohl@wisza.sk

Adam Heriban

IT specialist

E-mail: heriban@wisza.sk

Dana Vilkusová


E-mail: vilkusova@wisza.sk

Plan layout of the office space (space plan) according to the client's requirements

Emergency service

Resolution of requests/disorders resulting from the lease contract

Small malfunction – removal within 3 working days

Larger malfunction – removal within 10 working days

Large scale malfunction – removal within the time that is necessary for the specific case

Requirements beyond the lease contract

After mutual agreement

Urgent cases (endangering health or property)

Emergency service:

0911 824 499


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WISZA, s.r.o.

Broskyňová 15, 927 01 Šaľa 1

Office address
Trnavská cesta 50, 821 02 Bratislava

Phone: 0911 016 014

E-mail: service@wisza.sk

IČO: 35 838 612